We adhere to all aspects concerning laws, safety and quality and endeavor to deliver the best chemical transport solutions for your operation.

We currently provide ISO tank services for domestic and international transportation, specializing in the transportation of bulk liquids and gases intermodal tank containers.

For land and sea transport, we offering variety type of ISO tank including:

  • Standard ISO tank (T11)
    Material: Stainless steel 316
    Capacity: range from 20,000Ltr to 26,000Ltr
    Type of cargo: Hazardous class 3, 6, 8, 9, and Non-hazardous cargoes.
    Heating & cooling cargo via stream tube with rockwool insulation.
  • Electronic temperature control tank (Reefer tank)
    lectronic heating/cooling ISO tank for cargo that required serious temperature control.
  • Lined ISO tank
    Internal shell coated tank ( by rubber line or chemo line ) for high corrosive cargo.
  • Gas and cryogenic tank (T50, T75, etc.)
    T50 and T75 tank for Gas transport. Our Gas tank suitable for Liquid nitrogen, Liquid oxygen, Liquid argon, LNG, CNG, etc